Quality, Integrity, Value…

More than just words, these are principles I live by and are the foundation of my business. Operating mainly in Rains and Wood Counties, each with its close knit community, I believe that a good reputation is my most valuable asset.

Quality – Quality is defined entirely by the customer and is based upon their evaluation of how expectations compare to the finished product. Quality is not defined by dollars and cents but rather that the product and service met or exceeded expectations. I strive to exceed the expectations of my customers by delivering superior material, workmanship and service.

Integrity – In a moral context, integrity is the consistency between one’s actions and a one’s principles, especially when no one is looking. For me there is no compromise when it comes to honesty, responsibility, and integrity, for myself and those who work for me.

Value – Value is the relationship between the customer’s expectations of product quality to the actual amount paid for it. I believe that a product or service’s benefit should exceed its cost, thereby creating value to the customer.

Whether you are building a luxury home or updating a kitchen or bath, your project will begin with the same solid foundation…Quality, Integrity, Value. You have my word on it.

Kyle Jones
Rainswood Homes, LLC


Kyle Jones

BS Accounting – University of North Texas
Certified Public Accountant


Public Accountant
Licensed Insurance Adjuster
Real Estate Developer
Licensed General Contractor

Tyler Jones

BA Economics – Southern Methodist University


General Contractor